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Cyber Security Awareness Training

Our Training and Awareness Philosophy

We demonstrate how real-world attackers exploit security vulnerabilities, using case studies relevant to your business sector. A variety of delivery mechanisms are used to inform staff, raise awareness and provide advice to minimise risk.

Our primary goal is to ensure your human firewall is as effective as possible.

Cyber Security Awareness Topics

The concept of defence in depth (both logical and physical security) underpins our work, including:

  • Cloud computing
  • Phishing and spear phishing
  • Social networking
  • Social engineering and advanced attacks
  • Trojan software and rootkits
  • Wireless networking
  • Laptop security and encryption
  • Credit cards and the PCI Data Security Standard
  • Cyber security laws and you
  • Mobile device security
  • Botnets and zombie armies
  • A view of the cybercrime underworld
  • Google hacking
  • E-mail insecurity

Example Delivery Mechanisms
  • Seminars (live and recorded)
  • Live demonstrations of security issues
  • Interviews and commentary
  • Videos
  • Audio and video podcasts
  • Articles and white papers
  • Awareness events ("professional social engineer")
  • Spear phishing managed service, including staff response tests and metrics

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