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Wireless Penetration Testing & Security Audit Services

The Threat: Wireless Security Risks
  • Is your sensitive information leaking into your car park?
  • Does wireless provide a back-door to your corporate network?
  • Do your mobile and home users have insecure wireless connections?
  • Can your wireless encryption be cracked?
  • Could someone hijack your wireless network?
How do you answer these questions?

The Solution: A Wireless Network (WLAN) Security Audit & Penetration Test

Wireless Penetration Testing Methodology

Our wireless penetration testing & audit services are conducted by skilled professionals using the latest tools, best practice and our own proprietary testing techniques. We:

  • Identify access points and their location, locate any rogue devices and access physical security.
  • Capture traffic to obtain further information about the wireless networks in use and the nature of devices operating at the time of testing.
  • Attempt to intercept data transmissions. Where we find WEP encryption in use, we use tools such as AirSnort to crack the encryption. Where WPA or WPA2 (IEEE 802.11i) is in use, we will investigate the method of mutual authentication in use (e.g. Radius), the type of encryption and methods of key distribution and use relevant attack methods in order to attempt to circumvent these controls.
  • Attempt to obtain access to the Internet (using your gateway) and access other machines on both the wireless and wired networks.
  • Examine security of access points connected to the wired corporate network, identify running services and associated vulnerabilities.
  • We can also undertake war driving and wireless audits in the vicinity of a remote worker's home (with their knowledge) in order to review the opportunity for information leakage. We can provide assistance to ensure the remote worker's network devices are configured with due regard for security.
  • The test process is creative and the tester will conduct tests appropriate to the environment and client organisation.

Hover over each segment of the diagram below to read about each stage of the testing process.

At First Base Technologies we pride ourselves in being with you every step of the way in securing your wireless infrastructure from attack.

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