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Security Awareness Training Quotes

"Peter is a professional through and through. The breadth and depth of his expertise is vast and his ability to communicate with someone of any level is impressive. He is a man of great integrity and I respect him greatly."

Ben Rexworthy, Assistant Director - Security, HM Government

"One of the corner stone information security professionals in the UK. High integrity, highly skilled - still prepared to work at the coal face, which is so very important in these days when so many of the industry leaders have never written a policy or configured a firewall - all round good bloke."

Mark Osborne, Security Expert, CISO and Author

"Peter is one of the most consistently highest rating speakers that I've ever had the pleasure to know, in addition to being one of the most pleasant to work with. He fully participates and makes himself part of the team and speaker panels at our international events - a truly international security guru and professional. Peter also delivers the best case studies and most relevant and up to date live demonstrations of social engineering in the industry! I couldn't recommend him highly enough."

Sara Hook, Conference Director, MIS Training

"It's a pleasure to recommend Peter for his high standards and outstanding level of expertise and knowledge in the field of IT security and technical safety. I have shared conference platforms with Peter on a number of occasions and he has never failed to hold his audiences captive with his unique and enjoyable delivery style. Whenever I have gone to Peter for advice or ideas he has always given excellent results. Many thanks Peter and to your colleagues at First Base."

Steve Edwards MBE, past Liaison Officer, SOCA

"Peter is a person of impeccable integrity and deep technical insight - the kind of security expert you always look for but rarely find."

Niels Bjergstrom, past Publisher & Editor-in-Chief, CHI Publishing Ltd

"Peter has a professional approach, broad ranging and detailed knowledge of security, and ability as an effective speaker, that is unrivalled in the security field."

Andy Cunningham, Senior IS Consultant

""Having spent time with Peter I can honestly say that he is someone who has in-depth knowledge in the area of Information Security and is someone who is passionate about his work and sharing his skills and knowledge with those willing to listen. Peter's presentation style makes the otherwise boring topic of security an educational and extremely entertaining one."

Brian Honan, BH Consulting

"I have had the distinct pleasure of sharing a stage with Peter several times. I found him passionate, articulate and extremely knowledgeable. He's probably forgotten more about social engineering than most information security professionals will ever know. One of the best I've met."

Richard Hollis, CEO, The Risk Factory

"I was introduced to Peter during my assignment as an FBI Assistant Legal Attaché, US Embassy London, 2000-2005. In all interactions with Peter, he has proven himself a professional, with an excellent reputation in the security community."

Ed Gibson, past Chief Cyber Security Advisor, Microsoft Ltd UK

"Working with Pete was a joy and an education. I learned a massive amount from his professionalism, his ethics, his technical and business expertise, and his pure enthusiasm. He taught me more about proper business practise, customer satisfaction and long-term strategic thinking than anyone else in my career."

Steve Dunk, Network Architect, JP Morgan Chase

"I have known Pete as a colleague and friend for over 25 years. He has one of the sharpest minds I have ever come across. His technical knowledge appears to know no bounds, and he is one of the most entertaining and informative speakers you are ever likely to hear. He is immensely professional in his approach and inspires the same high standards in those who work with him."

Tony Golding, Sentry Data Care Ltd

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