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Peter Wood CEO Didi Barnes CFO, CISO
Mike McLaughlin Cyber Security Operations Manager Rob Shapland Principal Cyber Security Consultant
Stefano Castilletti Lead Penetration Tester Ian Reynolds Senior Cyber Security Consultant
Peter Cox Associate Consultant - VoIP Pete Finnigan Associate Consultant - Databases
Chris Watt Penetration Tester Alec Auer Penetration Tester
Mark Rose Penetration Tester Alex Archondakis Penetration Tester
Tony Noble Senior Specialist Trainer Kyle Walker Penetration Tester
Jordan Hopkins Penetration Tester Recruitment in progress Recruitment in progress
Alan Withey Sales & Marketing Manager Andy Wilson Sales Office Manager
Lee Cates Information Security Sales Engineer Ellen Sparke Marketing Executive
Caroline Mathieson PA to the Partners Victoria S Physical Intrusion Tester

Pete is the CEO of First Base Technologies. He has worked in the electronics and computer industries for over forty-five years and founded First Base in 1989. He is a world-renowned security evangelist, speaking at conferences and seminars on ethical hacking and social engineering. He has appeared in documentaries for BBC television, provided commentary on security issues for TV and radio, and written many articles on a variety of security topics. Pete has hands-on involvement in the firm, conducting penetration tests, social engineering exercises and security awareness training. He also chairs our group and leads regular technical and management seminars.

He is a Fellow of the BCS, a Chartered IT Professional and a CISSP. He is a Senior Member of ISSA, a 15 Year+ Member of ISACA and a Member of the Institute of Information Security Professional. He is also a member of ACM, IEEE, First Forensic Forum (F3), the Institute of Directors (IoD) and Mensa.

He is also a visiting lecturer at Sussex University and London South Bank University.

Didi is the CFO and CISO of First Base Technologies. Originally our Head of R&D, and our lead wireless security auditor, Didi developed many of our original testing methodologies. She has appeared in documentaries for BBC television, written several white papers and been published and cited in various ways on several different security topics. She was one of the first to research and write about wireless insecurity, Bluetooth and Portable Device Security. She is also experienced in BCP and DR, ISO 27001 and Information Security Management, and ISO 9001.

Her very high IQ (Asperger's Syndrome) gives her eclectic abilities: she is responsible for finance, business strategy, marketing, design and web presence as well as our in-house IT systems, BCP & DR, internal Security and CREST and ISO compliance. She is also responsible for researching and developing new service offerings.

She was nominated a fellow of the BCS but remains a Member (her autism means she can't do interviews or exams), is a long-standing member of ISACA, ACM & IEEE and is part way through a BSC (hons) in Natural Sciences.

Mike is a Senior Penetration Tester and our Technical Team Lead. He is a talented and self-motivated ethical hacker working in the information security industry since 2006. For Mike, information security is a vocation not just a job - he is passionate about security whether in the corporate arena or personal home environment. He has worked on many security testing projects for clients in various business sectors, including retail, banking and government. He has appeared in a number of BBC Click productions and is involved in security awareness programmes, both at a grass roots level and for major corporate clients.

Mike is a Member of the BCS and holds the SANS GSEC and GPEN qualifications. He was also the first member of our team to pass the demanding Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP) examination and is a CREST Registered Tester.

Mike's key skills include a deep knowledge of network protocols and communications, operating systems and highly technical exploits.

Rob is our principal consultant, taking advantage of his 9 years' experience to provide guidance on how to defend against real-world attacks. His speciality is red teaming, combining technical testing with social engineering to demonstrate the real risk of cyber attacks. He is also our lead security awareness trainer, leveraging his experience from tests to provide highly engaging training. He regularly speaks at events and conferences across Europe, and has appeared as a cyber security adviser on ITV television and BBC radio.

Stef is an enthusiastic Senior Penetration Tester with in-depth web application testing skills. He brings coding and research skills to the team, as well as conducting complex web application and external infrastructure penetration tests. His training has also enabled him to perform custom tests requiring forensic and coding skills. Stef has excellent people skills and uses them to great effect when liaising with our members of the team and of course our clients.

Stef holds an MSc and a BSc (Hons) in Ethical Hacking and Computer Security from Abertay University Dundee, is a Member of the BCS and holds the SANS GSEC and GWAPT qualifications. He has also achieved the Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP) certification and is a CREST Registered Tester.

Stef's skills include exploiting both published and new vulnerabilities in web applications, with particular focus on large e-commerce applications.

Ian is a highly technical, CESG-certified CHECK Team Leader and a CREST CCT Consultant with over 17 years' experience in penetration testing, vulnerability assessment, systems administration, software development and SCADA control system design. He is skilled in all types of infrastructure and application testing and can quickly adapt to dynamic and complex environments. Ian is highly skilled in using and testing Windows, Solaris and Linux-based environments and also specialises in voice-over-IP and virtualised environments, as well as all types of wireless security testing.

Ian has worked in the oil and gas, software and media industries, as well as large UK-based penetration testing companies as a CHECK Team Leader.

Peter Cox has over 20 years' experience of IP application security and was a co-founder of firewall and email security specialist BorderWare Technologies Inc. His current interests include the analysis of VoIP security threats. Peter regularly runs VoIP security workshops that examine the security risks that are specific to VoIP networks demonstrating some of the more entertaining attacks. In addition to his consultancy interests, Peter recently founded UM Labs Ltd to develop effective security controls for VoIP networks. As part of this project, he has worked with Phil Zimmermann to implement ZRTP, a VoIP encryption protocol that enables end-to-end secure VoIP calls from a range of devices including many mobile phones.

Pete Finnigan is recognised as one of the world's leading authorities on the security of data in relational databases and is an expert in securing and protecting Oracle databases. He has written extensively on the subject of Oracle security both for the web and also in print, including the SANS Oracle Security Step-by-Step guide. Pete provides security audit services and design consultancy, and runs regular training courses all over the world on the subject of auditing and protecting Oracle. Pete also speaks at international conferences including Black Hat, UKOUG, PSOUG and RISK.

Chris is a self-motivated and enthusiastic penetration tester who graduated with First Class with honours in Ethical Hacking and Countermeasures from the University of Abertay Dundee. He has deep background knowledge in programming, networking, web and mobile technologies, with his current focus being in web application and external infrastructure penetration testing. He also brings research, coding and technical report writing skills to the team. He has also achieved the Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP) certification.

Alec graduated from Cardiff University with a First Class degree in English Language and Communication. With a strong background in documentation and reporting, he is responsible for reviewing reports and maintaining our vulnerability database, ensuring the information you receive is relevant, accurate and understandable. In addition to these skills Alec regularly conducts a variety of external testing, including infrastructure testing, web application testing, and email phishing. He has also achieved the Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP) and CREST Registered Tester (CRT) certifications.

Mark is a highly motivated and driven individual who graduated with an Upper Second Class honours degree in Ethical Hacking and Countermeasures from Abertay University. He has a strong interest in iOS security, web application testing and conducted a disk forensics project at university. His focus in our team is on web applications and external infrastructure testing.

Alex is a passionate and enthusiastic penetration tester and cyber security blogger, with a background in programming. His cyber security skills were originally self-taught and since joining the team he is focused on web applications and external infrastructure testing. Alex also has a particular interest in social engineering and human psychology.

Kyle is an enthusiastic and energetic penetration tester with an Upper Second Class honours degree in Ethical Hacking and Countermeasures from Abertay University. He has a strong interest in penetration testing and Android security, and his dissertation project explored the design and development of botnets. He is currently focused on web application and external infrastructure testing.

Jordan is a committed and self-motivated penetration tester with excellent people skills and great perseverance. His previous experience provides an excellent perspective on cyber security in business, as well as a broad commercial view. He has a keen interest in web applications and external infrastructure testing.

Tony was a serving Police Officer for over twenty years in the South East of England, working in Hi Tech Crime Investigation for much of that time. He was seconded to the College of Policing in March 2014 to work as a National Cyber Crime Coordinator, liaising with UK Police Forces to ensure cybercrime training was conducted. He also wrote major parts of the Mainstream Cyber Crime Training Programme for police officers who need to learn how to handle electronic evidence and investigate cybercrimes. He has practical experience of arresting, investigating and charging offenders who commit crime against the Computer Misuse Act 1990 and the Fraud Act 2006.

Tony is a member of the High Technology Crime Investigation Association of America and a long-term supporter of

He now works with both businesses and the general public to further Internet safety awareness. His focus is specialist training on Collecting of Electronic Evidence, Advanced Investigative Interview Training for both suspect and witness interviews, The Niche (records management system used by 19 UK Police Forces) and the use of Digital Cameras as Evidence.

Victoria began working in the security industry in 2007 and specialises in physical intrusion testing and social engineering. Previously she worked as a professional actress, providing an ideal skill set for this line of work. In 2012 she studied social engineering under Chris Hadnagy, a leading expert in the field, and Robin Dreeke, head of the FBI's Counterintelligence Behavioral Analysis Program. She incorporates the tools and skills she has learned into every intrusion test she conducts. Victoria's intrusion testing experience includes the successful penetration of utility companies, law firms, major tourist attractions, credit agencies, venture capital firms, and multinational corporations in the UK and Continental Europe. ("Victoria S" is a pseudonym to protect her identity, which is necessary for this role.)

Alan is committed to ensuring that First Base clients receive an excellent service at all times. He has worked in the IT networking and security space for nearly 20 years. He has extensive experience with network and security vendors, as well as consultancy and professional services in the IT and information security marketplace. Alan helps businesses in all sectors to define the true risks in their environments and ensure the continued success of day-to-day operations and objectives.

Andy previously managed large accounts in both the mobile telecommunications and paper supply industries, making him an ideal candidate to look after the day-to-day interaction with our clients. Andy also has a strong aptitude for social engineering, conducting exercises both by phone and in person, compromising perimeter security and gaining network access.

Ellen graduated from Roehampton University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Language and Linguistics. Since then, Ellen has worked in both the public and private sectors, from retail to pharmaceuticals, gaining a great deal of knowledge and experience within a range of industries. Ellen has implemented creative and successful marketing campaigns when organising events, as well as taking part in the Great South Run to raise money for a company's corporate social responsibility programme.

Lee graduated from Coventry University, Coventry where he gained a 1st class degree with honours in Ethical Hacking and Network Security. Lee has experience in forensics, multiple coding platforms and a deep understanding of SQL in all its forms. He brings a varied professional portfolio including technical writing and reporting services testing which assists him with his ongoing training.

Caroline has worked across a variety of industries in both the private and public sectors. She has also had experience dealing with charity and not for profit organisations. With her varied career she has become adaptable to the demands of any role, and this has given her a breadth of knowledge and experience and enabled her to gain a variety of skills. She is exceptional in her organisational skills and planning, and provides essential support to Didi and Pete and the rest of the team.

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